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Team Members


Derek Bennion

Director and Owner. Derek has a wealth of experience in logistics and a drive for making sure that Dex’s Midnight Runners is well known for its excellent customer service. In his spare time you might find him walking in Cumbria or Shropshire, or on the golf course…  We hear he isn’t a bad golfer!
John Ruddy, General Manager

John Ruddy

General Manager.  John brings over 15 years of logistics management in both environmental laboratory testing and Royal Mail. His expertise includes fleet control, fleet management, team management and working with precious drivers. John is mad keen on football and has been involved with local semi-professional football teams across the West Midlands for 30 years. Ask him who he supports…

Tracie Noel

Account Executive. Tracie has significant courier experience prior to DMR including working with Environmental samples for 4 years and food products for 3 years. Tracie has had some excellent ideas that have contributed well to the smooth running of DMR’s operations.

Dave Brown

Driver. Over 25 years in police forces across the UK including royal attachment. Nothing phases Dave, he can cope with anything!

Roy Humphries

Driver. Roy has been working with cargo and airports (especially in and out of Heathrow) with its many challenges, including delivering cargo UK wide! His precise method is ideally suited to many of DMR’s customers.

Wendy Jones

Driver. Wendy has recently rejoined DMR after a short break. A very able but glamorous team member!  

Ywai Hung Tsang

Driver. Hung joined DMR in 2016 with extensive food courier experience.
matt new

Matt Jones

Driver. Matt rejoined the team back in March, and has fitted straight back into his role as driver, with vast experience within the courier business.
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Richard Berresford

Driver. Richard joined DMR in September 2017, coming from a manufacturing background Richard has settled well into his new role as a driver.

Chris Box

Driver. Chris joined DMR in August 2017, coming from a production background Chis is a good team member that settled in very well.

Gareth Jones

Driver. Has owned and run a butcher shop and worked in abattoirs so understands food handling. A great deal of experience with European runs for various Government agencies and others. Confidential items, working to deadlines and long runs are his favourites!

Sarah Lloyd

Driver. Successfully operates her own light haulage business and has brought those skills into the fridge area with us.